Recruiting Proces

Talents2Work has more than 15 years experience with search and selection of specialists, particular within biothech, IT and engineering sectors.

Talents2Work has collaborations abroad in order to attract international profiles.


Coaching and development

Talents2work brings focus on value contribution in everyday life on individual and team levels. Even with small steps, big changes can happen.

A manager in a smaller company can easily feel alone. Talents2work offers professional back and forth on employee management and communication.

We often see the best professional skilled employee appointed People Manager. That is often a great dessicion for the smaller company, but can also lead do other challenges in the organization. Talents2work can support Managers with individual coashing and development of his/her leadershiip.


A well prepared and carefully thought out on-boarding program is requisite for achieving high performance, high efficiency and a motivated employee that contributes both on short and long term.


Saying goodbye properly is just as important as welcoming new employees in regards of working environment, culture and branding.

Talents2Work supports dismissals in regards of planning, execution and follow up in compliance with applicable law and regulations.

HR Administration

Is it a challenge to be on top of all employee administration, salaries, GDPR and new employee acts?

As a smaller company it is easy to be overtaken inside by administrative processes - especially within human resources.

Talents2work gives you the opportunity of doing what you you best - and leave the rest to us. 

Janne Skarsø Erwolter
T: +45 40236033